Show off the new stadium project in Milan

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Inter Milan, AC Milan and City Council have come up with plans to build a new home stadium near the former Giuseppe Meazza Stadion, with an estimated construction budget of 1,200 million euros. start year 2024.

As reported by ‘ FC Inter News dot IT ‘ , the project has not yet been approve for construction. Until the public debate from the affected people including coping guidelines to pass environmental standards ufabet.

The stadium’s nickname is ‘ Viharn Luang ‘ to replace the 95 -year-old former hometown. That was planned to be demolish. 

Architect work for ‘ Viharn Luang ‘ originally intended to focus on the uniqueness of the old stadium. Therefore, it was designed to have 11 pillars surrounded to connect the roots.  

But in the latest simulation, 11 pillars are not visible in the new field. would have chosen to keep it as a souvenir of a single tree decorated outside  

As for the Giuseppe Meazza stadium, it will be kept until 2026 to serve as the venue for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics and then demolished . It certainly doesn’t appeal to the public or conservatives as it is evidence of the glorious Italian design / build.

If construction commences as planned , Jan. 2024 is scheduled and will be open for use in 2030  .