Kamara ‘s nemesis was injured despite the chicken badge just summoned

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Boubakar Kamara, midfielder, Aston Villa May have to withdraw from the French national team despite being called instead of Adrien Rabiot

France coach Didier Deschamps has summoned Boubacar Kamara to replace the injure Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot. Who withdrew from the squad.

The “Chicken Badge” army has a queue to play in the UEFA Nations League. Open home against Austria on September 22, followed by a visit to Denmark in the next three days.

However, Kamara may have to withdraw an injury while playing for Villa in their last Premier League win. Southampton 1-0 on Friday.

The 22-year-old midfielder, who has played three times for the France national team. He has been injure until he can’t continue playing. Must change for Douglas Luiz to replace in the injury time of the ufabet game.

Rabiot has not fully recovered from a left calf muscle injury, the French Football Federation (FFF) said on its website. And has been ruled out of Juventus’ Serie A match against Monza this weekend.

Deschamps decided it was sensible, as a precautionary measure, to withdraw Rabiot from his group and promote a player more likely to be available for full squad activities. When the group gather at the Clairefontaine training base on Monday.

Kamara made his France debut against Croatia in June, shortly after it was announced he would be leaving Marseille to join Villa.